Miss Mazzy Dukes with that, “it must be my birthday face all day erry day!!!”. (at bah bah breaks)

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Mazzy Dukes

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First in a special Throw Back Thursdays / Retro Breaks / Classics post we have this killer mix from Adam Freeland.

Recorded back in 2001 this is a perfect example of some of his finest audio moments mixed with classics from his label and other influential breakbeat artists.

This really is one from the archives and every Thursday we will be digging deep to find some more classic material. If you have any breakbeat mixes from 1998 - 2008 that you think need to be shared once more then please e-mail editor@freebreaksblog.com

Turn that shit up!


Jason Sudeikis dances as Vance on “What Up With That?!”

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